What is Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai massage is a healing art that involves stretching and deep acupressure, usually performed on the floor, with the patient dressed in comfortable clothes that allow for movement during the deep stretches and yoga-like exercises. No oils are used in Thai massage.


Energy Healing Principle

Traditional Thai massage is used to restore the balance of bodily energy, which flows through the energy pathways of the body. A blockage of these pathways can cause disease on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. By releasing any blockages, the energy is allowed to flow freely, thereby restoring health and harmony in the body.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage is a combination of acupressure, reflexology and yoga-style exercises, or gentle stretching, which manipulates the energy lines and so diminishes tension, stimulates metabolism and creates a feeling of wellbeing and vitality. You will feel refreshed and energized after a Thai massage, rather than sedated and lethargic.

Length of a Typical Treatment

To experience the full benefit of a Thai massage we recommend a two hour treatment, however a half hour foot or head massage can still be extremely beneficial if you are pressed for time.


Thai - Oil Combo Massage

Although Traditional Thai massage has the greatest health benefit, it can be tough if you're not used to it. For a truly relaxing massage, we recommend a Thai-Oil combo massage as this combines the benefits of Thai massage with the relaxing effect of oil.


Massage for All

Thai massage can be enjoyed by all; toddlers, the elderly, active individuals, businessmen and even hyperactive personalities can benefit. Let go of everyday stress and give your body a "reset".
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